My name is dvub. I am a student currently studying computer science. I build some projects for school, but most of the time I build projects for fun. (like this website) Coding is one of my passions; I not only see it as a hobby, but as a way to make change in the world.


For most of my life, I was interested in technology. I always messed around with old hardware and was fascinated by it. When I was younger I discovered Scratch, a simple, block-based programming language. I loved to build games and projects of different sorts, and was fascinated and amazed by what people could do with such a tool. I then started really programming because I wanted to write mods for the popular game, Terraria. From there, my passion for programming sparked, and now I hope to be a professional developer someday.


I have about 2 years of Javascript and C# experience, and am currently learning TypeScript and Rust. I have about 1 year of full stack web development experience, using tools like Expressjs, Nextjs, React, etc. I have some experience with SQL databases as well.


Currently, my goal is to get through school and go to a good university. (and get through that, too) From there, I hope to find a job as a developer of some sort, maybe for web development, or for something else. I want to keep building projects and code as a hobby throughout this as well. In terms of development, I would like to work on more back-end projects. I would like to improve my webdev skills as well. I would like to learn more about Rust and build more projects with it. I would also like to learn other low-level languages, such as C++, at some point. Above all, I want to learn more everyday and improve my skills.

Other Passions

Other than programming, I have many other hobbies and passions. I love to play video games and play, as well as listen to music! I've played piano and guitar for a good portion of my life, and I absolutely love music. I quite like to play jazz!